Terms and Conditions

If you accept a booking, you are deemed to have read and understood these terms and conditions (“T&Cs”).
You must not accept a booking unless you understand and agree with these T&C’s.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: These T&C’s apply to any booking made by Rodeo Queen Pty Ltd trading as Alpine World, Australian Alpine resorts, Snowy River Travel and/or their agents and employees (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) The T&C s apply to any person included in such a booking. The word “brochures” means all promotional materials including brochures, advertisements and web sites.
QUOTES AND RESERVATIONS: All quotes (written or oral) are estimates only. They are subject to availability and price at the time We issue the INVOICE/BOOKING. (See also PRICE & CURRENCY VARIATIONS below).
INVOICE/BOOKING: The INVOICE/BOOKING outlines all services booked and the pricing at time of booking. It is your responsibility to ensure all details are correct. Where an INVOICE/BOOKING is issued to an agent, the agent must ensure their client confirms these details and acknowledges that they understand payment, amendment and cancellation conditions. Your travel arrangements are only fully confirmed at time of final payment.
PRICE & CURRENCY VARIATIONS: Prices are expressed in Australian dollars. International travel prices reflect anticipated exchange rates at the time We issue the INVOICE/BOOKING (unless otherwise stated). Up until final payment all prices are subject to change by the supplier or due to exchange rate movements. You must confirm the final price with Us before making final payment. Once all suppliers have confirmed their prices and We have received the correct final payment (including any surcharges) prices are guaranteed.
PAYMENTS: Booking Fee – You must pay a non-refundable $50 booking fee on issue of the INVOICE/BOOKING. The booking fee becomes part of your holiday price when you pay the deposit. Deposit – Within 7 days of the INVOICE/BOOKING you must pay a minimum deposit of $200 per person for New Zealand, $600 per person for most other international destinations or 50% of the booking for Australia and some international destinations or the invoice becomes null and void. Final payment – You must pay the balance at least 60 days prior to departure. Early Bird Specials & airfares – These usually require an early full and final payment. You must pay these on the date We specify. Bookings within 60 days of travel – You must pay for these in full when your booking is confirmed. Non-payment –If you fail to make any payment We can cancel your booking and apply the cancellation terms below. Late booking fee – We may charge a late booking fee for bookings made 14 days or less before travel. You must pay any incidental costs of a late booking (e.g. courier costs). Payment through travel agent: If you book through an agent payment to your agent is not payment to Us. You remain liable until We receive payment from you or your agent.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS– surcharges apply to credit card payments:1.65% for MasterCard, Visa and Bankcard. 3.3% for American Express.
DISHONOURED CHEQUES– will incur a fee of $30 per cheque.

USE OF DEPOSIT: We reserve the right to release any part of a deposit or part payment to confirm a booking with a supplier. The supplier determines the terms on which the deposit is held.
TRAVEL INSURANCE: We strongly recommend travel insurance for both Domestic and International travel to cover cancellations, loss of deposits, emergency medical, overseas medical and hospital expenses, theft, luggage delay, travel delay, personal liability and car rental excess. Please read the Policy Statement carefully prior to accepting Travel Insurance.
FINAL CONFIRMATION: On final payment, We will confirm in writing your final arrangements, including services booked and final pricing. You must carefully check these. For agent bookings, the agent must obtain their client’s confirmation of the final arrangements.
AMENDMENTS: Before departure – For each INVOICE/BOOKING We will not charge a fee for one amendment. Further amendments incur a $50 fee per person on domestic bookings and $100 per person on international booking. For all amendments you pay any fees or costs charged by third parties. A change of date or accommodation is treated as a cancellation and new booking. Air travel amendments are subject to the airline’s conditions and charges. After departure – Once you depart Australia you must contact the relevant service providers directly if you need to amend confirmed arrangements, and you must pay any applicable charges.
CANCELLATIONS: Any cancellation request must be in writing and is only valid when We acknowledge receipt. . Regardless of whether travel has commenced, cancellations will incur charges. These can be up to 100% of the cost of the booking (including any taxes or incidental expenses). For International bookings Cancellation Fees will vary so please refer to your consultant. For Australian bookings, a min. fee of 15% of total booking will apply if cancelled outside of 60 days before travel date. If a booking is cancelled between 30 and 60 days of travel date a 50% fee applies and cancellations within 30 days of travel a 100% fee applies. See also REFUNDS below.
REFUNDS: Refunds can not normally be made on any unused portions or components of a booking nor can components be substituted for alternative arrangements. Any refund requests must be in writing and made through your booking agent (where applicable). Neither agents nor suppliers are entitled to offer refunds on Our behalf. Refunds (including refunds for cancellations) are only available if and when We receive funds from the relevant suppliers. The amount refunded is subject to deduction of booking commissions, cancellation charges, currency fluctuations and any costs incurred.
WEATHER CONDITIONS: Under no circumstances can We be held responsible for adverse snow or weather conditions. Cancellations and alterations on the basis of snow or weather conditions are subject to the cancellation and amendment terms of these T&Cs.
EXCLUSIONS: Anything not expressly included in the INVOICE/BOOKING is excluded. You must pay for such exclusions. Common exclusions include Airport and departure taxes, laundry, beverages, meals other than specified, insurance and gratuities or tips. When renting a car you will also be liable for petrol, surcharges, road tolls, parking fees and fines. Additional costs incurred by weather or failure of transport services or similar circumstances are also excluded, but may be covered by travel insurance (if you have taken insurance).

AIRFARES: Airlines have the right to change or remove fares from the market without notice. You will be required to bear any additional direct or indirect cost or loss resulting from such a change or removal. New Zealand fares must be paid at time of booking confirmation. Departure taxes are calculated on a daily rate of exchange, therefore are not quoted in the airfare price but as a separate component to the airfare depending on the origin, destination and stopovers.
AIRLINES: An airline’s involvement in a booking is as air carrier only. The airline carries no responsibility for statements in brochures relating to a tour or any of its features and does not accept liability for any loss, injury or damage in respect of person or property arising in connection with services other than air carriage performed by it. Such air carriage is subject to the provisions contained in & referred to in the passenger ticket.. The services of any IATA carrier may be used.
ACCOMMODATION/PREMISES: Apartments/houses: These are let to you for holiday purposes only for the period stated in the booking. The booking is made in good faith by Us but may be subject to change by the owner or agents of the owner in which case We will make every reasonable endeavor to offer alternative accommodation. Room bookings – All Suppliers of accommodation reserve the right to re-room properties prior to check-in. Bed types – Prices shown are based on existing bedding in the room. Requests for specific bed types (twin/double) must be made at time of booking but supply cannot be guaranteed. Security bonds – Credit card details are required upon check in as a security on apartments with a minimum of $500 required for our apartments and some lodges. If credit card details are not available a cash bond is required. Please check with a consultant the exact amount required for your accommodation.

: Prior to departure We will provide you with information about, and documents for, your trip and destination. These might include airline tickets, itineraries, vouchers and resort brochures. Please ensure that you read all documentation carefully to make sure that all travel arrangements have been organized as you require and are correct. You must pay any fees or costs for documentation amendment or re-issue due to error, omission or change.  Lost or destroyed documents – You must pay all fees applicable to replacement of lost or destroyed documents, including vouchers and airline tickets together with an administration charge deemed appropriate by Us.
PASSPORTS AND VISAS: If departing Australia you must ensure you have the appropriate visas and a valid passport. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the departure date. Visa requirements vary from country to country. Please refer to government websites for advice on necessary travel documents and travel warnings. The possession of the relevant travel documents is the passenger’s responsibility.

CHILD DISCOUNTS: These vary between suppliers. As a general rule “Children Stay Free” or discount programs offer this accommodation in existing bedding when sharing with 2 adults. “Children Ski Free” offers have conditions (e.g age restrictions). These are usually noted on your INVOICE/BOOKING.
GST ON DOMESTIC BOOKINGS: Where any supply of goods or services is a taxable supply for the purposes of GST, prices quoted include GST. Please note that not all suppliers are required to be registered for the purposes of GST and that you cannot assume that the price of any particular supply includes a component of GST. Please contact Us should you require information regarding whether GST is included in a particular price.
PRODUCT & SERVICES DESCRIPTIONS: Rooms and scenes shown are representative of those featured in the various programs but are not necessarily the same as those supplied. Area maps are a guide only and are not to scale. We provide ratings to allow comparisons between accommodation of the same type. Our ratings may vary from tourist office or other available rating. Descriptions of facilities, tours and other services are provided by the suppliers and are subject to change at any time by the suppliers. We make every reasonable effort to ensure that brochures and any other information we provide are accurate but, subject to any statutory liability which may not be excluded by law, we are not liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy of brochure content arising from our reliance on information provided by third parties.
RESPONSIBILITY CLAUSE: We act only as a booking agent for the suppliers of the relevant transport, accommodation, ski hire, ski lift, meals and other services. We do not deliver those services. Each supplier has their own terms, conditions and exclusions of liability which you should read carefully. We deny all liability for any death, injury, illness, loss, accident, damage to or loss of property (including baggage), delay or additional expense incurred as a result of any act or omission of suppliers in delivering their services or as a result of any other matter beyond our control including any force majeure event such as strikes, terrorist attacks, wars, civil unrest, machinery failure, acts of government or adverse weather. This denial is subject only to any statutory liability which may not be excluded.
GOVERNING LAW OF CONTRACT: Any contract for services provided by Us is deemed to be made in NSW. Any disputes shall be dealt with in courts and tribunals having jurisdiction in NSW. However disputes arising from provision of services and product or negligence of suppliers in other countries may be subject the relevant supplier’s country or state laws. Any provision of, or the application of any provision of, these terms and conditions which is void, illegal or unenforceable in any jurisdiction does not affect the validity, legality or enforceability of that provision in any other jurisdiction or of the remaining provisions in that or any other jurisdiction
OTHER TERMS FOR PACKAGES & SPECIALS: Special conditions usually apply for “packages” & “specials” (e.g. early payment, minimum nights stays, age limits, limited travel dates). Such conditions are in addition to, and override, these T&Cs. See the relevant brochure or ask us for details. In addition to these T&Cs, each booking is subject to such further terms and conditions as advised at the time of booking, contained in documents or materials provided to you or displayed to you.