Skiing in Italy is as much about the eating, long lunches and wine consumption, as it is about exploring the slopes. The culture is super relaxed and friendly. The Matterhorn is right on the Swiss-Italian border and Mont Blanc straddles the French-Italian border, with resorts such as Kronplatz and Campitello. Cortina in the Dolomites (northeast corner of Italy) is very stylish and up-market, and has stunning scenery. The fabulous towns of Milan, Turin, Verona and Venice are also within a few hours of the resorts.


With over 100 km of slopes and modern lifts, Kronplatz (2275 m) is the mountain for sophisticated skiing and snowboarding. Its ample and sunny plateau and long ski runs all the way down to the valley in three cardinal directions are a real treat for sun lovers.
On the slopes with the train: Kronplatz has been connected to the rail, which set the roots to the project of “car-free-mobility”.


Below Sassolungo and Col Rodella the town of Campitello di Fassa (1448 m.) offers one of the most beautiful landscapes of the entire valley and alpine arc. Historically it has always been considered the first alpine-tourist centre of the Fassa Valley. Campitello is the starting point for the Col Rodella – Belvedere ski-area which is part of the famous “Sellaronda” ski carousel where tourists can appreciate at close quarters the majesty of the Dolomite peaks and its unique landscapes and breathtaking views.


Queen of the Dolomites and Queen of Snow, Cortina is the winter sports paradise par excellence in the Alps. The majestic snow-capped Dolomite peaks leave you breathless with their unique formations and unparalleled beauty. Skiing is a great classic that never goes out of fashion in Cortina, with technically challenging and stimulating slopes for expert skiers as well as for beginners. The quality and condition of the piste is assured whether you are a downhill skier or a Nordic ski enthusiast. Beyond classic skiing, there are many more snow sports to discover in Cortina. Be seduced by the charm and elegance of Telemark, experience the adrenaline rush of freestyle skiing along the steep couloirs, or take off into the air with snowkiting. Even die-hard snowboarders will find challenges on the slopes of Cortina, with jumps, breathtaking descents, and a number of trails of varying difficulty.