Snow Travel on a Budget

While traveling for snow, it is easy to exhaust your budget quickly. By careful planning and budgeting you can enjoy a stress free, seamless holiday. It is a good idea to set up a budget planner with daily limits for all the days that you will be away.

  1. Be Flexible with your dates: Keep out of High Seasons and school holidays. Research local events/ holidays to the place where you will be travelling. For example expecting attractions to be open in the USA on Thanksgiving for example. (personal experience)


  1. Book Early: Especially if you are booking in peak periods or during the holiday seasons. Remember that there are other cultural events across the world that you may need to be aware of such as; Carnevale in Italy or The Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan


  1. Be a home cook: It is best to look for accommodation with some form of cooking facilities so you can cook some at home, or pack a picnic lunch.


  1. Use a Travel Agent: Travel Agents have a wealth of knowledge, most of them have personal experience in many parts of the world and will share their experience and lessons with you.


  1. Prepay: As much of the holiday as possible so you have no hassles with trying to make payments when you’re travelling, there is nothing worse than having to find a cafe or lobby with free wifi to try and make a payment. (personal experience)


  1. Do your research: If you have a tight budget you want to know that you are getting the most you can out of your budget, so it is best that you choose a destination with a competitive currency exchange so you are not spending the equivalent of say $10 on a coffee


  1. Travel locally: Travelling in Australia or even flying to NZ can be the cheaper option then say flying to Canada or Europe.


  1. Save on the Flights: Fly economy and save your spending money for extra fun at your destination. Just think of what you’re paying for, is 5 hours really worth the extra $4000


  1. Travel Insurance: Make sure you book your insurance with an agent as they will know how the get the lowest prices without compromising the extent of cover needed for a snow holiday


  1. Keep your eyes open: keep up to date on the latest deals the easiest way to do this is to sign up to our offers and keep informed.