Do You Make These 4 Ski Holiday Mistakes?

Do you make these 4 ski holiday mistakes

When you’re excited to hit the slopes on a fabulous adventure ski holiday, sometimes the hype of it all leads to some major faux-pas when it comes to booking your pleasure holiday.

And if you’re a rookie at this you really need to pay attention and make sure you don’t wind up totally disappointed because of crisis factors that could have been prevented.

Here are a few mistakes you don’t want to make on your next winter wonderland skiing adventure holiday!

Mistake One – Timing

To say timing is everything is an understatement. Take the time to make sure you are choosing the best time for your holiday. If you have kids this gets a little more challenging. You know that big holidays like Christmas and March Break are the priciest. So see if you can find a sneaky deal off season, like in February, to hit the slopes and save some money at the same time.

Be flexible with your dates and times if you can and you’ll be one happy camper.

Mistake Two – Pick the Best Resort for You

This the most important part of the trip; you need to pick the resort that suits your budget, ski level, and tolerances and preferences. There are spectacular family-friendly resorts in Austria, Switzerland, France, and Vermont to start.

Do your research and read the reviews of people that have stayed at these resorts so you can figure out which is best for you. Don’t make the mistake of just winging it here – you could wind up sorely disappointed.

Mistake Three – The Gear

If you are new to skiing it’s a wise owl move to borrow as much gear as you can; it’ll save you an extraordinary amount of money. The rental fees at the chalet can get crazy, so if you can avoid them it’s worth it.

Bring layers and make sure you’ve got goggles and a helmet for safety. Of course you’ll need skis and boots, a warm jacket and snow pants, hats, gloves, and lots of layers. That will get you started.

Don’t make the mistake of renting or buying everything at the resort because it will get crazy costly.

Mistake Four – Take Lessons

If you are a beginner skiing DO NOT try and teach yourself on your ski holiday or just “go for it.” That’s dangerous and careless. It never hurts to take a lesson or two before you let loose on the slopes, even if you’re an avid skier.

By knowing the basics and your abilities as a skier you will avoid a whole lot of heartache that may be painful and financially devastating.

Be smart and grab a few lessons so you can have a qualified ski instructor tell you what hills you should and shouldn’t be skiing on.

Take action to make sure your skiing holiday is a dream come true. Avoid these rookie mistakes and you’ll have a fantabulous time enjoying your spectacular ski holiday.