Travel with Kids Tips

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We understand travel with Kids, we know it can be quite stressful at the best of times, add-in bulky clothing and unpredictable weather conditions, it is surprising Mums and Dads have any hair left.

When booking your holiday to the snow, pre-booking your lift, lesson, childcare and hire with your accommodation will give you the best rates. Make sure you ask your consultant for the best deal.

On your way to the snow, leaving home early with Kids seems to work well as they are calmer in the mornings then when you arrive you still have time to get your pre ordered passes and snow gear fitted before checking into your accommodation. Most Australian resorts offer a free ½ day on there pre booked lift product the day before the first full day on the snow. When flying to International locations try and get flights that arrive at your destination in the afternoon as you can put the kids to bed at 7pm and they will adjust to the time change more easily.

Keeping up to date with resort events will ensure you do not miss anything for the kids that will make your holiday as fun as possible. Once you arrive at your resort go for a little walk around and find your bearings, (ski school, cafeteria etc.) this will ensure that you have a stress free first morning trying to get everyone ready for the day. Having the Kids in all their snow gear when leaving your accommodation will cut out trying to put on boots in the snow. Socks’ getting wet equals unhappy Kids hence unhappy parents. Don’t forget their helmets, as nearly all kids ski schools across the world require all children to wear helmets.

Kids Snow instructors may not be happy with this next comment, but having a few wrapped sweets in their pockets keeps their energy up and is a good ice breaker when making friends.

The main thing is to have fun in the snow, a good snow ball fight or building a snowman can do wonders for Kids of all ages. Most Resorts have activities for children from Tubing to Mini Snow mobiles.

Travel with Kids does not need to be hard, organisation is the key to a successful holiday with kids.


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