5 Surprising Reasons to Ski Canada

5 surprising reasons to ski canada

Many people were born to ski. And whether you are looking to take up this exhilarating sport or test your skills on challenging exciting terrain, Canada has everything to accommodate your ski-hearty needs. From the gynormous resorts in Banff and Whistler, to the smaller escapes in Jasper and Collingwood, we’re about to tap into some fabulous reasons for you to hit the slopes at least once in your life in Canada!

What many people don’t realize is Canada is dumped with mounds of the white stuff. Just in Banff and Whistler alone the average snowfall yearly is well over 20 meters or almost 66 feet! Yikes! And with the excellent snow tools these resorts have, there’s amazing skiing to be had even when the snow gods aren’t being cooperative.

Time for you to explore and get excited about what Canada’s ski country has to offer the world!

Zippy Lift Lines!

When you’re set to ski the last thing you want is to have to stand around in the freakin cold waiting in chairlift lines. Or worse yet to have to weave your way through masses of skiers to make your way to the bottom of the slope. This just isn’t so in Canada because it’s easy to pick your week or two away and get skiing minus the crowds 24/7. For instance, if you choose spectacular Jasper as your location the only thing you may run into on over 1600 acres of groomed trails is the odd bear! Not quite but pretty close. If you are looking to ski where you are one with the hill, then Canada is your BEST choice!

Go Big Or Go Home Is What It’s All About!

The Winters Just Never Stop!

It really doesn’t matter what month of the year you want to ski because Canada has it all. If you are looking to ski before the Christmas season this year then all you’ve got to do is pack your bags and shoot yourself over to British Columbia’s amazing Lake Louise. A standard on the World Cup circuit, where you’ll find the hills up and running full tilt in early November. Fantabulous news for skiing nuts that want to get a big jump on the season!

Service Extraordinaire!

You don’t have to read People magazine to figure out Canada is one of the most loved places in the world. In large part because of their fantastic hospitality and inviting nature. Something Canadians have stood proud of since the beginning of time. You are going to find a welcoming staff with smiles all around no matter where you choose to ski. There will be lots of great eateries and plenty of shopping and other activities that will give you the memories to last a lifetime whether you are on or off the hill. Canada will give you a world-class ski trip EVERY time. Now all you’ve got to do is decide where you’re going and book it!

Glacier Skiing

For those of you that are addicted to the snow, Whistler Blackcomb, BC, Canada will set you up for a treat by offering you the only North America resort with spectacular glacier skiing or snowboarding. A spectacular experience served up especially for you. And that’s just the start!

Something For Everyone!

In Canada it’s all about “go big or go home.” But we will never forget about the visitors in your ski crew that may not be up to hitting the slopes. There’s plenty to keep them occupied from swimming and spas, to indoor tennis, soccer, basketball, and lots of shopping and hiking and biking to boot. And each resort offers amazing beginner ski and snowboarding packages and camps that may be perfect for those travelers that would like to try the hills but are still fighting nerves.
Nobody gets left out when you ski Canada!

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