5 Shortcuts to Skiing Black Diamonds in Record Time

5 Shortcuts to Skiing Black Diamonds in Record Time

When you’re an avid skier there’s nothing better than skiing that tough as nails black diamond hill faster; the faster the better! And the great thing about skiing is you can always improve because it’s just such a technical sport.

Your form, technique, and balance, are all important to put you in a position to ski those challenging black diamonds faster. Of course safety is always center stage; but you can always learn to ski faster and safely simultaneously.

Here are 5 shortcuts to skiing black diamonds in record time

Pointer One – It’s all in your Form

As an advanced skier; we’re going to assume that because you’re skiing black diamonds, you need to step back and re-evaluate your skiing form; in particular your ankle flex.

Take yourself back to the basics – and pay attention to the positioning of your ankles, shoulders, hips, and hands – that’s only going to give you the ability to safely improve your speed.

Pointer Two – Keep your Eyes Focused Forward

Such a tiny thing, but so it really does make a huge difference in the speed you get down the hill. If you are looking backwards or off to the side your concentration is lost and this means you are losing time. The mental is critical if you are looking to ski faster down the black diamond hills.

Make a point of focusing your eyes forward and envisioning yourself reaching the bottom and you’re sure to shave a few seconds off your time.

Pointer Three – Lean Forward

As silly as this might sound; just because you’re moving forward down the hill doesn’t mean you are leaning forward too. If you are hesitant or not confident you will naturally pull yourself back and this will slow you down by shifting your weight distribution to the back of the ski, along with your more upright position.

Consciously lean forward as you blast down the hill and you will go faster.

Pointer Four – Controlled Carving

If you are skidding and sliding your way down the hill you’re losing valuable time and momentum. This is evident if you watch the World Cup skiers; if they miss a gate or catch an edge and skid, they lose valuable time.

Practice creating controlled and confident carving and you will boost your downhill speed.

Pointer Five – Control your Upper Body

It’s true that a large part of skiing is obviously dependent on the lower half of your body; but don’t discount the importance of your shoulders, arms, and core.

Keeping your upper body tight and controlled, and making sure you are strong in the arms, core, and shoulders, will help you beat your best time down the hill. You can have strong legs to guide your skis but if your upper body is weak or “open,” that’s going to slow you down.

Pay attention to your skiing and always look for ways to improve it, particularly your technique. Use these five pointers to help you knock a few seconds off your best time down the black diamond hills, and chalk that up as “only the beginning.”

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